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Are you a potential, future leader? Start here.

Are you currently a leader? Start here.

What does a person need to know, love, obey, and experience in order to flourish as a community group leader? The initial and ongoing community group leadership training plans were built as an answer to that question.  The main virtues or skills a leader needs are listed out, and all of these skills are sorted into four themes: character, calling, competency, and communion/chemistry (e.g., "character > humility" or "competency > conflict resolution"). Each skill has a training tool (something to read), and a self-assessment tool (something to write and turn in online). You will automatically receive a copy of whatever you submit online, which you can then forward to whomever is walking alongside you. Inviting others in to your training and development will dramaticallly increase the benefit.

  • Potential leaders: Perhaps you are interested becoming a community group leader someday, but you're unsure of how to prepare. You are welcome to begin working through the initial training plan on your own. Invite someone from your community group to meet with you and give you feedback as you go. We encourage you to both share and apply what you are learning with others.
  • Current leaders interested in continuing to grow: Perhaps you are already leading, but you are feeling an increasing need to grow in order to keep pace with the intense pastoral care needs within your group. Or perhaps you are realizing that unless something changes soon, burnout is right around the corner. We encourage you to make use of the ongoing training plan. Let your hub leadership team walk alongside you and help you prayerfully process what you are learning and how you can apply it your life.
  • Current leaders who want to develop future leaders: Or perhaps you are a community group leader or hub leader who sees leadership potential in someone in your group or hub, but you are unsure of how to aid them in their development. You might invite them to meet you for coffee once a month, and process and pray over one virtue/skill from the initial training plan each time you meet. Encourage them to forward you a copy of their completed self-assessments prior to your meetings so you can pray and reflect on their answers beforehand.

Future potential leaders must complete the training and assessment tools listed in the initial training plan prior to launching their group. Whenever a future potential leader is ready to begin formal evaluation and assessment prior to being released into leadership, they should first fill out the interest form, found here. That congregation's community director will automatically receive that interest form and reach out in person. Training and self-assessment on these ten skills can be realistically completed in as few as eight or nine weeks if necessary (matching the shortest recommended group multiplication timeline of eight weeks from announcement to launch party). Moving through them more slowly, if possible, will allow for greater self-reflection and better interpersonal coaching.

If you have any further questions about the training plans, don't hesitate to e-mail J. J. Seid, Frontline's Central Community Director. Otherwise, feel free to jump in and begin the process.