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1 Peter

How should a Christian understand issues of politics, honoring elected officials, having an overbearing boss, and marriage to an unbelieving spouse? What do we think when following Jesus makes life more difficult? Is it possible to find stability amid a shifting culture where being a Christian is increasingly a minority position? The book of 1 Peter addresses these questio...

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Grace Abounds

From beginning to end, the Christian life is all of grace. Grace isn't merely a divine sentiment or a therapeutic concept to remove the severity of our sin. Grace is God's initiative to reconcile a rebellious humanity to Himself, at great cost to Himself. We can't earn it. We don't deserve it. There's nothing we can do to move ourselves beyond it. Yet, God offers it in Jes...

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Feminine Virtue

FEMININE VIRTUE The Church needs wise and resilient spiritual mothers who, drawing from their own union with Christ, build up the Family of God in love. Feminine Virtue is an invitation to reorient our lives around God's good design and to grow in virtue. Recommended Resources The Genesis of Gender: A Christian Theoryby Abigail Favale (A)Typical Woman:Free, Whole, an...

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Genesis Why do we exist? How did we get here? What does it mean to be human? These questions have haunted humanity since the beginning oftime. We have a profound fascination with the origin of the cosmos.Hoping to find meaning in life, humans have searched for an explanation of our origins in many places, from a pantheon of gods in a cosmic battle to the Big Bang. For ma...

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Waiting for the Son

Waiting for the Son Advent is a special season each year as we step into the longing that has marked the people of God in every age. In the same way that the Old Testament people longed for the arrival of the Messiah, we long for his return. This year we are going to take up the Bible's teaching about last things as we look toward the second advent. Join us as we seek to ...

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1st Corinthians


1ST CORINTHIANS There has never been a church quite like the church in Corinth. Paul himself had started this church several years earlier. He had spent a yearand a half among them, teaching them about the good news of Jesus. But since he left, it seems like everything is falling apart. Divisions.Incest. Prostitution. Chaotic church services. Getting drunk on the Communio...

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Rhythms of Grace


RHYTHMS OF GRACE We are far more subject to being influenced than we often think. The environment we live in, what we read and watch, the relationships weengage in, where we go and what we do, are always shaping our desires, our beliefs, and our habits. The things we repeatedly do, again andagain, begin to affect what we desire and long for. We are always being formed, wh...

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JOB There was once a man named Job. In every sense, he was a good man that did good things all of his life. Job loved God, tried to obey God, and took care of the people around him. By every standard, he was a successful man. It was clear to everyone, in heaven and on earth, that God had immensely blessed Job. On a day that he would not soon forget, Job received the news ...

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Few people knew Jesus like Jude. After all, they were family. Jude was the brother of Jesus, the son of Mary and Joseph. When Jesus began his ministry, Jude, along with the rest of his family, thought Jesus was out of his mind. But after his brother died and rose again, everything changed. Jude now worshipped Jesus as God, and he himself had become an influential voice in ...

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The Gospel of Mark

The Gospel of Mark The Gospel of Mark isn't a collection of curated stories about Jesus, but rather a purposeful narrative that paints a picture of the person and work of Jesus: A Messiah who came to rescue, confront evil, and invite people to live under God's reign. A kind and compassionate Savior who advanced the Kingdom of God by casting out demons and healing the sick...

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