Book III
Identity and the Living God explores how, in Christ, our identity is informed by a bigger story and shaped by the One who made us. Order your Counter-Formation Guide on Amazon.

 A Counter-Formation Guide

The Purpose of the Guide

We are all being formed. The environment we live in, what we read and watch, the relationships we engage in, where we go and what we do, are always shaping our desires, our beliefs, and our habits. We can either be formed towards the way of Jesus, or formed away from it.

Many of the defining questions of our day surround the issue of identity: Who am I? Where do I belong? What does it mean to be human? While the world offers us a wide range of answers to those questions—occupation, social status, sexuality, etc.—the gospel offers a more compelling answer. This Counter-Formation Guide, entitled Identity and the Living God, explores how, in Christ, our identity is informed by a bigger story and shaped by the One who made us. Order your Counter-Formation Guide on Amazon. 

Leading the Guide

If you are a leader hoping for some helpful instructions on how best to plan and prepare to lead through the guide, learn more here.

Using the Guide

Four Trainings

The mission of Frontline Church is multiplying gospel communities that love God, love people, and push back darkness. Our community groups are one of the primary places we live out that mission. The guide contains four training sessions you can work through together as a group. Each session includes a brief Bible discussion, a ten-minute teaching video, discussion questions, and an exercise.

Forty Daily Liturgies

In addition, the guide contains 40 daily liturgies for you to work through individually over the course of those same eight weeks. There are five daily liturgies a week, designed to be used as an aid to your time of individual devotion. Each daily liturgy contains a brief call to worship, two Scripture readings, a prayer of confession and assurance, a benediction, and a blank page for notes.

Four Teaching Videos



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