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Frontline Church is one church with multiple congregations. Visit a congregation site below to learn more about each congregation, sermons, and ministry information.

While we can’t all worship under one roof, we do ask that you set aside a specific time of worship under your own roof, using the videos and guides we will provide at Services will be posted at 9AM each Sunday.

Those family worship services will be guided times of prayer, confession, and worship, with a sermon that focuses on faith, hope, and love in crazy times. Please share this resource with friends and neighbors who are looking for hope.


1104 N Robinson Ave.
Visit the Downtown website to learn more...


330 N Beard Ave.
Visit the Shawnee website to learn more...


737 SE 89th St. 
Visit the South website to learn more...


1700 S Bryant Ave.
Visit the Edmond website to learn more...


Visit the Yukon website to learn more...