Worship and liturgy are aimed at spiritual formation and missional engagement. As we gather together, we are yearning for Christ to be formed in his people. A liturgy is a predetermined structure of worship intended to guide and focus our formation rather than restrict it. A liturgy should have depth in its rootedness and accessibility for those outside the family of God. A liturgy unites Spirit and Word in the recalibration of our desires and affections by inviting us afresh each week to feast on Christ and participate in his mission. On this page, you will find resources to the liturgy movements we have written from within our sermons series as a church, and for seasons of the Church calendar. We hope you find this ongoing collection of liturgies helpful in mind and heart. Feel free to download or print for personal or congregational use.


Liturgy Resources

Rhythms of Grace - Jude - Gospel of Mark - Job - Forgotten Father - 2nd Timothy - Metaphors for the Church - Warrior Poet: Life of David - Revival & Renewal - Sermon on the Mount - Rooted: Finding Life's Meaning - Red Letters - Sacred Life - Sanctity of Life - Jonah - Philippians - American God's - Hosea - First John: A Life of Love - Free to be Human - Ecclesiastes: Finding the Good Life - Acts: The Mission of God - Simple Liturgies


Rhythms of Grace 

We are far more subject to being influenced than we often think. The environment we live in, what we read and watch, the relationships we engage in, where we go and what we do, are always shaping our desires, our beliefs, and our habits. The things we repeatedly do, again and again, begin to affect what we desire and long for. We are always being formed, whether we realize it or not. For followers of Jesus, God has given us rhythms of grace, spiritual habits that keep our hearts focused on him.

Liturgy Resources

Rhythms of Grace I

Rhythms of Grace II

Rhythms of Grace III


The message of Jesus was in danger of being twisted and misused. False teachers had slipped their way into the Church and had begun leading people astray into confusion and chaos. Claiming to be Christians, these teachers were living lives contrary to the way of Jesus. Jude couldn’t keep silent. He had to set the record straight. The gospel had been entrusted to followers of Jesus, and they must keep it, guard it, and fight for it.

Liturgy Resources

Jude I

Gospel of Mark

The Gospel of Mark isn’t a collection of curated stories about Jesus, but rather a purposeful narrative that paints a picture of the person and work of Jesus. It ultimately leaves us with the question that Jesus asks his disciples, “Who do you say that I am?”

Liturgy Resources

Mark I

Mark II

Mark III

Mark IV

Mark V

Mark VI

Mark VII


Mark IV

Mark X


Have you ever asked, “Why does God allow evil in this world?”, “Why do bad things happen to me?” or even, “Is God actually good?” These questions are not off-limits to God. But consider this: Are we even asking the right questions? From where and whom are we getting our answers?

Liturgy Resources

Blessed Be the Name of the Lord

Our Redeemer Lives

Forgotten Father

Who has God shown himself to be? In his very nature, God has revealed himself as Father. In fact, this was the primary way that Jesus taught us to see God, as his Father and our Father. But what does it mean for God to be Father? What are we missing in our faith when we forget the fatherhood of God? We hope to recover the heart of God as Father.

Liturgy Resources

Forgotten Father I

Forgotten Father II

2nd Timothy

In Paul’s Second Letter to Timothy, we find the final words of the Apostle. He had fought the good fight, finished the race, kept the faith. And now his life would be poured out as an offering to God. But before his martyrdom, he longs to see and encourage the young pastor, Timothy.

Liturgy Resources

Vessels of Honor

God's Purpose and Grace

God's Faithfulness

God Gives All That We Need

Metaphors for the Church

To understand the beauty and importance of the church, the Bible uses certain metaphors to describe the Church. Body. Bride. Family. Temple. These metaphors bring life and meaning to our vision of the church. They paint the “why” of the church, giving deeper roots to who we are and how we should move forward in this world.

Liturgy Resources

The Body of Christ

The Bride of Christ

The Family of God

The Temple of God

Warrior Poet: Life of David

There is so much more to the life of David than him vs. Goliath. Not only did he lead his nation into becoming a world power, but he was one of the most skilled poets in the ancient world. And to this Warrior Poet, God made a promise that from his descendants would come a King who would bring peace and justice to the world forever. This King would be like David, yet so much better.

Liturgy Resources 

Strength in Weakness

Jesus the King

Idol Crusher

Psalm 23


Revival & Renewal

As we journey through life, we can find ourselves feeling aimless, empty, longing for more. Our thirsty souls are searching for something that satisfies. This thirst inside all of us can only be quenched by God. He is the only one who can satisfy. We need renewal and revival.

Liturgy Resources 

Pursuing Love

Psalm 51


Sermon on the Mount

The Sermon on the Mount talks about the true meaning of love, compassion, and morals. Jesus' words were so full of hope and life, and yet riddled with hard sayings and difficult commands. But for those who received his teachings, they discovered the way of life and blessing.

Liturgy Resources

Blessed are the Merciful

Righteousness of Jesus

Our Daily Bread

Cast Your Cares

Poor in Spirit

The Kingdom

Rooted: Finding Life's Meaning

We find a deep longing within us for purpose in our lives than what the daily grind of work, eat, sleep can offer. These longings are satisfied with a life rooted in Jesus. Our faith brings meaning and hope to the multiple callings we have in life, such as our singleness, parenting, jobs, or church.

Liturgy Resources

God's Sons and Daughters

The Bond of Peace

Work Heartily as Unto the Lord


Red Letters

The Bible has seven letters from Jesus to seven churches in the first century. These seven churches were everything from great to, well, not so great. Some were faithful to Jesus while others were indistinguishable from the culture. What Jesus had to say to those churches is what he has to say to us today. There are words of encouragement and also stern words of correction.

Liturgy Resources

Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia & Laodicea

Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum

Sacred Life

Life is complex, and each stage of development carries its own unique strengths and challenges. In the same way, our stage of life will determine what it looks like to be a disciple of Jesus.  What does it mean to follow Jesus in our youth, our midlife, and our old age?

Liturgy Resources

Sacred Life


Sanctity of Life

What does the Bible say concerning the sanctity of life? In particular, we have focused on the unborn and the immigrant, asking how we are to respond to these difficult issues as followers of Jesus.

Liturgy Resources

Sanctity of Life


There is much more to the book of Jonah than a man in the belly of a fish emerging three days later alive and well. This story explores the depths of faith: God has accepted us as we are; are we willing to accept God as he is? What are we to do with a God who seeks to freely forgive the most ruthless, violent empire the world has ever known? If only God could be a bit more like us, a bit more palatable, then we could stomach him. Jonah is a prophet scandalized by God, and he’s had enough. Jonah’s reflection shows us a familiar face: ourselves.

Liturgy Resources

He is Gracious


Sitting in chains in a Roman prison, Paul prepares to pen a letter to his friends in Philippi. He had been astonished by their encouragement and financial support, but he had heard of the quarreling and grumbling forming cracks of division within the church. What would he say to them? How could he thank them and heal them at the same time? He puts pen to paper, thinking of the one thing that had sustained him all these years: joy in Christ.

Liturgy Resources

Philippians Liturgy I

Philippians Liturgy II

American Gods

Is America is becoming less religious? Many would say so. But what if America isn’t becoming less religious? What if, instead, we are actually turning to different gods? It could be money, sex, or even ourselves. Whatever its form, it drives us and gives us meaning. But worshipping these gods comes at a great cost.

Liturgy Resources

Jesus, Our True Life

None like Our God


The story of Hosea is shocking and scandalous. The Lord spoke to Hosea and told him to go and marry a prostitute. But why was he told to love this unfaithful woman, despite her continual adultery and betrayal? Because God was wanting to say something to his people. In Hosea’s wife, God’s people would find a picture of themselves. And in the midst of their spiritual adultery, they would see the relentless love and faithfulness of God.

Liturgy Resources

God's Pursuing Love

He Remains Faithful

He Will Revive Us

First John: A Life of Love

We are enamored with love. It is the focus of our movies, our books, our art, our very lives. But what does it really mean to be a loving person? The Apostle John was a man changed the one who embodied love itself: Jesus. He went from being a “Son of Thunder” to “the Apostle of Love.” What can this man teach us about love? What does it mean to live a life of love?

Liturgy Resources

By This We Know Love

Love One Another

Free to be Human

To be human is to be limited. Unlike God, there is only so much that we can know and do and be. And yet, we often run ourselves ragged, seeking to throw off every restraint and reach our “full potential.” We strive to know it all and fix it all and be it all. If only we could overcome these limitations, we would be free. But what if true freedom is found, not in overcoming our limitations, but embracing them?

Liturgy Resources

All Sufficient God

Omnipresent God

Omnipotent God

Unchanging God

Finding the Good Life

We are all searching for the Good Life: a life of happiness and fulfillment. But where can we find it? Is it in a life of wealth or unlimited pleasure? Will we find it in morality or religion? Or could it be somewhere else entirely?

Liturgy Resources

Jesus Our Rest

God So Loved the World

Steadfast Love of the Lord

Acts: The Mission of God

Jesus is continuing his mission through his church.

Liturgy Resources

Acts I

Acts II

Simple Liturgies

Our “Stand Alone” liturgies are liturgies we’ve written, adapted, or borrowed from historical liturgical references to include the Worship Source Book, The Book of Common Prayer, Valley of Vision, Charles Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening, etc. These liturgies serve sermons or services that are outside sermon series or normal Sunday gatherings.

Liturgy Resources

Almighty God

Jesus You Haved Called Us

Most Merciful God