We are committed to training, coaching, and sending leaders to plant and strengthen churches in OKC and around the world.

Frontline has two residency programs to help develop leaders for planting and strengthening the church.


The Frontline church planting Residency is a 10 month finishing school for church planters, focused on equipping, coaching, and assessment to help multiply healthy, Gospel-centered churches.

We strongly believe church planting is one of the primary God-given avenues for evangelism, discipleship, and kingdom-advancement in our world. Our city, our state, and our world need more healthy, gospel-centered churches, engaging their towns, cities, and neighborhoods on mission. At Frontline, we are committed to multiplying gospel communities, and one of the ways we do this is through planting new churches and strengthening existing churches. 

We want to recruit, train, assess, send, coach, and empower multiplying leaders who can lead these churches across Oklahoma and beyond. We do this through our church planting and pastoral residency programs, coaching, training events, and relationship.

GOAL » To identify, train, develop, & deploy future church planters and congregational lead pastors for Frontline Church and other closely-aligned partner churches.


The Frontline Minority Pastoral Residency is a 2 year developmental program focused on equipping and sending out ethnic minority leaders for broad kingdom impact in local churches for the sake of the Gospel

As a church, Frontline has a deep burden for and commitment to church planting and transcultural ministry. Not only do we feel the need to plead with God to send out workers for the harvest, we also want to be a part of identifying, assessing, training, and coaching leaders for this mission.

Because of the Gospel, we desperately want to see our church and other churches grow as beautiful expressions of racial and ethnic diversity, living in the unity of the Gospel as a prophetic image to our cities of what the Gospel does to unify across lines that culture says should divide us. We have been praying that God would help us to be part of a multi-ethnic movement of the gospel in our city and in our time, that would lead to cultural transformation as men and women of all races are reconciled to God and one another.

GOAL » To serve, equip, train, and coach high capacity minority leaders of deep character, who are called to pastoral ministry, in the areas of self-awareness, leadership, theology, and pastoral ministry.

If you are interested in either of these residency programs, please email Jeff Nine » jnine@frontlinechurch.com