What does a person need to know, love, obey, and experience in order to flourish as a community group leader? This training plan was built as an answer to that question.  The main virtues or skills a leader needs are listed below, and all of these skills are sorted into the four themes of character, calling, competency, and communion & chemistry. Each skill has a training tool (something to read), and a self-assessment tool (something to write and turn in online). See a fuller explanation of how to use this training plan here.

Preparing for Community Group Leadership

  1. ❏ Character ➔ Self-Awareness
  2. ❏ Character ➔ Humility
  3. ❏ Character ➔ Holiness
  4. ❏ Character ➔ Teachability
    • Read “Teachability,” ESV Men’s Devotional Study Bible, Dave Kraft
    • Read “The Most Essential Life Skill: Teachability,” David Murray
    • Complete accompanying reflection questions
    • Action Step: We all have blind spots. This week, ask one of your community group leaders for feedback on one or two ways they've noticed you can grow, based on their observation of your participation in the group.
  5. ❏ Character ➔ Love God, Love People
  6. ❏ Character ➔ Push Back Darkness, Pt. 1: Gospel Hospitality and Serving the Poor
  7. ❏ Calling ➔ Margin and Simplicity
  8. ❏ Calling ➔ Desire to Lead
  9. ❏ Competency ➔ Conflict Resolution
  10. ❏ Competency ➔ Leading the Three Rhythms

All future leaders must complete the training and assessment tools listed above prior to launching their group. Whenever a potential leader is ready to invite formal evaluation and assessment prior to being released into leadership, they can fill out the interest form, which can be found here.