If you are a community group leader here at Frontline, you can probably relate by analogy to the newlywed couple who are grateful they received some pre-marital counseling, but increasingly feel like they could use some post-marital counseling! The initial training is designed to launch you into leadership, but this ongoing training plan is designed to help you stay the course, and flourish in the process. The ongoing training plan is designed for you to work through at your own pace during your first six to twelve months of leadership, under the guidance of your hub leadership team. We would like you to work through this plan for multiple reasons: (1) to help you grow in maturity as a leader, (2) to protect you from burnout, (3) to help you lead your group into greater missional maturity, as well as to prepare some for an eventual transition into hub leadership. (The four training categories of character, calling, competency, and communion & chemistry match those used for elder assessment, in order to provide alignment across all of Frontline’s leadership development pipelines.)

Ongoing Training for Existing Community Group Leaders

  1. ❏ Competency ➔ Multiplication
  2. ❏ Competency ➔ Push Back Darkness: Missional Living
    • Purchase and read “Everyday Rhythms,” “An Everyday Plan,” and “Everyday People on Mission,” Saturate: Being Disciples of Jesus in the Everyday Stuff of Life, Vanderstelt (pp. 169–228)
    • Schedule orientation with Hub Coordinator or Hub Leader on congregational city partners
  3. ❏ Competency ➔ Biblical Friendship and Pastoral Care, Pt. 1: Moving Towards Others
  4. ❏ Competency ➔ Biblical Friendship and Pastoral Care, Pt. 2: Sins and Sorrows
    • Read “Have Compassion during Trouble,” “Pray during Trouble,” “Be Alert to Satan’s Devices,” “Prepare to Talk About Sin,” “Help Fellow Sinners,” Side by Side: Walking with Others in Wisdom and Love, Welch (pp. 100–139)
    • Read "'I've Had it with You!' Learning to Be Tender When People are Tough," Smith
    • Answer selected Discussion and Response questions from Side by Side.
  5. ❏ Communion & Chemistry ➔ Embracing Growth and Human Frailty
    • Read “Fixed Mindset vs. Growth Mindset
    • Read “Part 2: The Temptations We Face,” The Imperfect Pastor, Eswine (pp. 73–131)
    • Complete the Gospel Self-Assessment if you have not already done so in your initial training.
    • Confess to another person which of Eswine’s three temptations you are most prone to and why. Provide examples. Ask them to pray for you on the spot. Invite them to follow up with you in the future.
  6. ❏ Communion & Chemistry ➔ Gospel-Centered
  7. ❏ Communion & Chemistry ➔ Bible-Honoring
  8. ❏ Communion & Chemistry ➔ Spirit-Filled
  9. ❏ Communion & Chemistry ➔ Gender-Redeeming
  10. ❏ Communion & Chemistry ➔ Kingdom-Focused