12 PM, 5 PM, & 7 PM
Frontline Downtown - 1104 N Robinson Ave

Good Friday is the day Christians mark the death of Jesus at the cross; it is the most somber of all days in the Christian Calendar. On this day, the church is confronted with her sin and invited to reflect on Christ’s suffering and agony as he took that sin upon himself, in obedience to the Father’s will. It was on this day that the Lord of Life was put to death on the cross.

So, why do we call Good Friday “good”? It was because of Christ’s goodness to us through his sacrifice on the cross that the redemption of fallen humanity might be secured. The cross points to God’s never-ending love for us—a sign of life, in the midst of death.

Join us at Frontline Downtown on April 15 for a reflection of Jesus' sacrifice and enduring love. 

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