Metaphors for the Church

What is the church supposed to be in our world today? Many rightly feel a tragic disconnect between what the church is and what it should be. We read the words and actions of Jesus, and rarely see those reflected in those who should represent him. But often, our ideas of how the church should function and what it should do differ from person to person. True transformation seems impossible. But what if we are asking the wrong question? 

Most studies of the church focus on the “what” of the church, what it does and how it does it. While this is vital and important, it is not enough. We need to go deeper, to the very identity of the church. To understand the beauty and importance of the church, the Bible uses certain metaphors to describe the Church. Body. Bride. Family. Temple. These metaphors bring life and meaning to our vision of the church. They paint the “why” of the church, giving deeper roots to who we are and how we should move forward in this world. Join us on Sunday as we look at these metaphors and what they teach us about God and his church.