Advent: Day Three

Adam and Eve committed high treason against the God of the universe, breaking the Shalom that existed between God and Man, which then broke the Shalom of every relationship under the stars.

Several hundred years later, God’s promise to Eve was still hanging in the air when Noah and his family found themselves sitting in the middle of their own R-rated story. Sinful families had built sinful cities, which were so full of evil that it broke God’s heart. In His judgement, He brought a flood that destroyed everything and everyone, except for Noah and his family. But in the midst of it all, God in His kindness added to His original promise, though Noah did not live to see it fulfilled.

Abram, descended from Noah, was a pagan, worshipping the sun, moon, and stars, living in the land of Babylon, when God interrupted his life. God promised Abram that he would have a child with his wife. Yes, even in his old age. And Sarah did eventually have a child, but he was not the child. Abraham—as God renamed him—died without seeing the promise fulfilled.

Abraham’s descendents were enslaved in Egypt, when God demonstrated His power to save by giving them a stuttering murderer named Moses. God led Moses to take His people out of Egypt and into the wilderness. But it became clear, when the people complained they were better off dying in Egypt, that Moses wasn’t the savior God’s people really needed. That promise had not been fulfilled. Yet.

And then we’re introduced to David. By God’s grace—and not by David’s own greatness—David was chosen to rule God’s children. David had a beautiful kingdom, and for a while, it was thought, “Oh, this is the Shalom God talked about!” But in his weakness and sin, David’s family is fractured, dysfunctional, and shamed. In the midst of it all, God looked at David and added another beautiful layer to His promise. David would have an offspring who would be his son, but his son would be his Lord. And this Son would be a greater King than David; His peace would restore the Shalom.

Meditation: The way the first coming of Jesus seemed never to come is now the way so many of us view His second coming. Lock arms with those who waited so long for His first coming in order to deepen your yearning for His second coming.

Prayer: Lord, I pray You would renew in my heart a fresh anticipation. Those promises I have written off as taking too long to come about… God, please revive my hope and my longing for Your promises to be fulfilled.